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The Greatest Interview of All Times

JillJillboBill has interviewed me! How exciting is this? I feel famous and important. This is a really neat thing to do and if you want me to interview you, just leave and comment telling me so and I'll email you a set of questions for you to post on your blog. Some of these are pretty hard. Jill is a great interviewer, tough, but great nonetheless.

1. If money was no object, describe how you would make your life more perfect and why.

First of all, I know that the love of money is the root of all evil. However, love of what money buys you is not considered evil. With that said, I would buy the perfect house loaded with all of the amenities every woman dreams of....plenty of closet space, huge kitchen, even bigger bath with sunken tub-floor warmers-vanity-the works! I would also have a perfect yard to match.

Secondly, I would be debt free! And most importantly my kids would want for nothing. I would spoil them rotten to the core!

2. Where do you see your self realistically in 10…

Colonoscopy and Chick F'ila

"Make sure it's on toasted wheat bread"; is what I kept repeating until I was finally stuffing it down my throat with no attention to the disgusting sloppy sounds I was making. This is how the scene unfolded in the Chick f'ila drive through immediately following my colonoscopy. Now I have no recollection of this and perhaps it didn't really happen and it's a cruel joke being played on me by Jeff.

The colonoscopy procedure wasn't bad at all, that's because I was totally unconscious. I think they had to give me a double dose to knock me out and keep me out long enough....hence the "not remembering" the chicken sandwich. It was the prep that almost sent me to my early grave.

Has any else out there ever taken 4 ducolux, 2 Reglan, and drank a gallon of powerade loaded with 258 grams of Miralax?

So you would think that all of that would have cleaned out my system in one or two foul (foul-smelling) swoops and I could have gone to bed and been ready th…

Spiders on drugs

Must watch all the way to the end...I totally laughed my butt off! Happy Friday!

Desk flying through air

So I'm sitting at my desk and a forklift pulls up to my door with a giant desk on it. I thought, oh boy I'm getting a new desk.

Now you have to imagine this picture. My office is up in the rafters, like a catwalk kind of thing. There's a 3.5 ft wall that you can look over and see the entire cube farm below. So, imagine my surprise when a desk comes rising above the wall right outside my office. Pretty amazing.

Of course the desk was not for me. It was for my boss who moved to a new office that has a window where she can now see all other offices down the catwalk to make sure we are working and not socializing. (I don't really think that is why she moved, of course, who knows)

I would like a new desk. I am using a metal army issued desk left over from WWII. It has bullet holes in it and smells old. I have a matching bookshelves. I wish I had a picture to show you. Obviously I do not bring my camera to work. I do have a shot of the catwalk from down below to give you an …

It's Monday

So why do I have to go to work and my kids get to lay in bed? I thought that was totally unfair so to correct the situation I have left each of them a chore list. Ha!

And to further my cause, I have posted signs all over my house, in pink paper no less!

Boy is he going to be in for a surprise when he wakes up!

Random, Really Random Thoughts by MiMi

I woke up this morning with a sinus headache that won't go away. It's probably due to the fact that the pets were in my bed all day yesterday because I forgot and left my bedroom door open while I was gone. I feel like I slept in a hair bowl all night.

I'm becoming addicted to facebook. It's so cool to hook up with friends you haven't seen in like, forever. Some people look exactly the same and others...well...not so much the same.

Random Inner Thoughts:

My house needs a good cleaning and I would rather burn it down than clean it today.

What can I eat for breakfast? I am so sick of oatmeal and apples. I caught myself counting with my foot against the floor this morning and showing my big buck teeth to the pets. I think I scared them off of my bed though.

It's time to get a new tinted gloss on my hair. The gray is showing again plus roots. I wasn't suppose to have a root line, the girl lied to me just to get me to try something different. Now I have tri-color hai…

This song is Awesome

I have been listening to a new radio station and heard this song. Ever since I listened to it, I've been watching sunsets. Sounds dumb, I know, but I'm really taking this whole life style change serious. I do want to be healthy, mentally and physically, that includes stopping to smell the roses and looking at sunsets. Life is beautiful all around us, we just need to slow down and pay attention to it sometimes. I am still following my diet and I am feeling incredibly better. Life is good, but it is what we make it, right? I want my world to be brighter. What about you?

Share the love...and don't laugh at my sappiness!

Big Fat Loser

Okay, I know I suck. I haven't written hardly anything in weeks. My adoring fans (all 3) have probably deserted me by now.


I'm back! It finally stopped raining so I can come out and play. The depression has lifted (almost) and I am feeling better. Thanks for the kind comments.

I do have some good news. I have lost 6 1/2 pounds in a week and half! Yay!!! Shout it from the rooftops! I am. Really, I stood on my roof and shouted; "I lost 6 1/2 pounds!" Shortly after that some little men in white coats showed up at my house and tried to carry me away....

No really, I am excited about the weight loss. My secret? There's not one. I started counting calories and doing a little (and I do mean a little) bit of walking on the treadmill and of course the Wii-Fit! (I got a great work out with by lifting it and moving it around every time I needed to dust or vacuum)

I have been going to my doctor's appointments. Today was the Gastronolgist visit. I reall…

Back to School

Today school started back. Whoohoo! I'm so excited and so are my boys! (yeah right) It was tough hearing (slinging) that 5:30am alarm clock go off but I managed to drag myself out of bed and into the kitchen to start the coffee.

I don't know about every one else's weather, but I swear it has been rainy 40 days and 40 nights here in Alabama. I suffer from depression, so it's about to zap me out. It's a daily struggle to get up, stay up and make it to work. I've been battling depression for about 10 years and have been on and off of every SSRI out there. It's been a really big pain.

I have decided to start off 2009 with doctor appointments. Isn't that grand? It seems 2008 took it's toll on me and my health has really suffered this year. I've tried to stay away from doctors hoping that my symptoms would just go away on their own but I'm biting the bullet and getting completely checked out from head to toe. I have appointments with a shrink, a …

Happy Wii Year!

I'm sorry I've been gone so long. It's been a hectic week. Christmas was wonderful. I got a Wii-fit. Is someone trying to tell me something? It told me my Wii-fit age is 58. Wow. I guess I'll just go ahead and die now. Screw new year resolutions! I don't have a whole year left anyway.

Seriously, I tried to come up with some resolutions, but I can't think of anything. Maybe I'll try to floss more regularly or something....

Tell me some of your resolutions. Lose weight? Exercise more? Spend more time with kids?
Let me know...I'm really I am!

I promise to write more later. I just wanted to post something asap so you wouldn't think I was dead (yet) because according to the Wii-fit I'm not only Wii-fat, I'm Wii-old!