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My day sucks. it's raining-tornado and thunderstorms. That kind of weather depresses me. :(
My cat is on my nerves. I can't get any work done because she wants to claw my feet or jump on my laptop. I'm thinking today that she may make a lovely hat.
Since I am trying to write something every day (even if I have nothing to say) here is my post on Day 2 of getting back on the blog train.
Here is a brief overview of what has happened to me over this past year:
Got new boyfriend (he's a hottie)
My youngest son turned 16 - got drivers license. - a little stressful
Sent my oldest son off to college - stressful
Changes positions within my company - more stress now!
Went to N.O. for first time to see Mardi Gras
Went to Las Vegas for 2nd time - Yes both Sin Cities in the same year. I'm still trying to bath off all of the filth.
Went parasailing for the first time ever with my 16 year old son - he was braver than I!
Gained 15 more pounds
Lost 20 pounds!
Gained 20 pounds back :(
Got a new kitten - she is the devil dressed up as a kitten
Got a new hair cut
Well I guess that about sums it up. I'm sure there are some other events sprinkled in there that I have forgotten but if anything of real interest returns to my feeble old brai…

Something happened between 40 and 45

I went to sleep one night when I was 40 years old and woke up the next morning 45 years old. Did I enter a time warp or something? According to my face and my body I was rode hard and put up wet. I can't believe how old I feel right now and much time has stampeded across my face!

Hi my name is Michelle and I am a returning blogger. I fell off the wagon wheel (love that song by the way) of blogging and I'm going to try to climb back on. In the meantime, please enjoy the music. :)