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so far....

Well my second post of 2011. How exciting! well...sorta. I know I can get back into the swing of things if I keep moving forward.
Let's take a look at my life:
Work: so, so. I enjoy my co-workers, I like my boss, what I do...not so much. The people make it fun for me.
Social: I don't have many girlfriends. I don't know why either. I suppose because all of my time is divided between my two boys and my boyfriend. I would like to have my girl time.
Relationship: Clint is a wonderful man. Our relationship is a long distance one (hour apart) but we do enjoy our time together and always look forward to seeing each other. I want to see us grow.
Child Rearing: This is the toughest area of my life but also the most important one. Teenagers are very very very difficult. I strive to improve in this area every day. I love my two boys. I always say "One is my heart the other is my soul" :)
Things I want to do more of:
Exercise, outdoors stuff, home decor, girlfriend time, visiting m…

New Year, New You?

I have not written in quite some time. I'm not sure why. I believe I just ran out of things to say. Since this is a new year I thought I would pick it back up again. (I guess have some things to say now!)

ALOT has happened from end of 2009 to today. I broke off a 4.5 year relationship, lost weight, gained it back, fell in love again and have so far lived through the trials and tribulations of raising two teen aged boys. My oldest is 18 and the day he turned it he thought he was the total master of his domain. I couldn't believe had given birth to such a creature. He was horrible. Thing are now finally calming down ( I hope). My youngest, 15 years old, has fallen in love. He is on cloud 9 when she is around. It's a little bit scary for me. I'm not ready for grand parenthood. I need both of them to graduate college so they can take care of me! At least that is what I keep telling them.

I met a guy on Face book that I went to high school with back in the dark ages. He are b…