so far....

Well my second post of 2011. How exciting! well...sorta. I know I can get back into the swing of things if I keep moving forward.
Let's take a look at my life:
Work: so, so. I enjoy my co-workers, I like my boss, what I do...not so much. The people make it fun for me.
Social: I don't have many girlfriends. I don't know why either. I suppose because all of my time is divided between my two boys and my boyfriend. I would like to have my girl time.
Relationship: Clint is a wonderful man. Our relationship is a long distance one (hour apart) but we do enjoy our time together and always look forward to seeing each other. I want to see us grow.
Child Rearing: This is the toughest area of my life but also the most important one. Teenagers are very very very difficult. I strive to improve in this area every day. I love my two boys. I always say "One is my heart the other is my soul" :)
Things I want to do more of:
Exercise, outdoors stuff, home decor, girlfriend time, visiting my parents, blogging.

Okay, okay...I know this stuff is totally boring but this is where have to start. I will get better as I go along. For now, this is my way of sorting out my life and thinking ahead. I hope to do that in a more entertaining way soon. :)

Happy Blogging,

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