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I am a 40 something single mom whose whole world revolves around her two kids, finance', one dog, one crazy cat and a house. I drink wine to cope!

Welcome to my World.

I created this blog in hopes of offering women of all ages a place to gather and learn from each other and hopefully add some light comic relief to our day in day out lives. In my opinion ALL women are created equal and add balance to this world. It's just for some reason we have a hard time creating that same balance within our own lives. I struggle every day looking for that right balance of family, career, house, and "me" time. I thought perhaps if I wrote about it I could begin to figure it out and in return help others to do the same. If not, then we can at least get a good laugh at ourselves!

I welcome all comments and suggestions. If you want to hear about a certain topic, please send it my way. Use the comment section below or email me at mhuey1265@gmail.com

live well.....laugh often....love much


Great picture! I truly love your blog and always find inspiration here. This post really resonates with me. I need to find some real balance. What I'm lacking is the "me" time.

Good luck with your journey! I'll keep you posted...

Until then, enjoy your win...:)

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