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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

I have two teenagers. Those of you who have or have had teenagers are now saying; "Bless your heart" and "Lord help her". Yep. I always heard how they change completely from sweet little darling angels into horrible, unrecognizable beings. It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, no lie.

Last night my 16 year old mocked my 13 year old. I don't know what was said exactly, but before I knew it, my 13 year old was flying across the ottoman toward my 16 year old. He looked like an NBA basketball star going for a slamdunk. I've never seen him jump so high. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever seen him jump. (There's not much jumping in X-BoxLive) Before he attacked, I was able to scream stop it. He was so mad he picked up a notebook and threw it across the room before storming to his bedroom and slamming the door. I was shocked and amazed. This child had always been my sweet, gentle, laid back kid. He's normally quiet and shy and …

Gadgets, Widgets, and Add-ons-OH MY!

There are so many gadgets I don't know what to do! I have overwhelmed myself with gadgets, widgets, add-on's....I don't know which ones to choose-there are so many! I visit other blogs and see things that I like, so I steal those ideas, then I search Google for more ideas and that's when I get confused and overwhelmed. Then there is technorati-I know I should be doing something with that and what about all of the Google webmaster stuff? What about wordpress-should I being using that instead? Don't forget about getting a domain! I have had some advise on things to do to help increase traffic and earn more money with my blog. I'm trying to follow that but that is where all of the confusion comes in for me. I'm still not sure what tags really do! Or feeds? I got one, but why do I need it? See, I'm really lost when it comes to being technologically savvy. If anyone has suggestions on making my blog better, prettier,money earning or more interesting, p…

Coffee and Weeds

Oh this morning was beautiful! There was a crispness to the air just before dawn and I could smell that familiar smell of Fall. It is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors-all of the tree leaves changing to shades of orange, yellow and brown-they are so vibrate. I decided to have my early morning coffee outside in this crisp, fresh air (it was so nippy that i had to take a throw comforter). I like to do this from time to time and try to capture a little bit of nature. Of course my two trusty companions, Ms. Ziggy and Ms. Kitty joined me.

I was sitting there relaxing and sipping my coffee when I noticed the flower beds. Oh God, how did they get like that? Didn't I weed, feed and put down pine straw in the spring? Why are there weeds in the beds? They stood there tall and straight eyeballing me and even mocking me! I walked over and yanked one of them out of the ground and then another one, but it was no use there were just too many of them. There's no way I cou…

Happy Friday!

That's it...Hope Everyone Has a Great Day! These are some pretty pictures that a friend of mine photographed from her backyard. Enjoy!

What A Beautiful Bouquet

The reason you see a clump of pine tree needles in this glass is because a very sweet and dear feller brought these to me. I told him I would put them in water right away! They seem to be staying fresh. (I received them on Sunday) Well the whole reason I was honored with this thoughtful bouquet was because there was a proposal in the making-a marriage proposal. He is a younger man (3years old) but that's okay-he's just so cute! As the story goes-so told to me by his daddy-they were getting ready to leave the park (called Jo-Jo park)when my sweet feller said; "Daddy, are you going to marry MiMi"? When his dad asked why, he said;"Because I want to marry her too"! Then he picked this beautiful bouquet to go along with his proposal. How sweet is that? So of course I had to take a picture of it and share it with all of my friends. I'll let you know the wedding date!
Elliot with dog and dog and blanket

My Baby is Sweet 16 Today!

I can't believe it! There is no way this child can be 16 today! He was running around in diapers with a "passy" sticking out of his mouth yesterday and today he lies around in his boxers with an Ipod stuck in his ears. (umm...that doesn't seem much different I guess) Still it's hard to believe that my sweet angel baby is almost a man. He is such a good kid. I am very proud of him. Some of my most favorite memories of him include the day I first layed eyes on him-I fell in love instantly. It was the kind of love I had never felt before. For the first time I understood the meaning of unconditional love. I knew I would love and take care of this precious child for the rest of my life. I knew he would break my will and probably my heart a few times, but that no matter what I would love him until the day I died. I remember all of his firsts; first smile, first laugh, first all seems not so long ago. Now he's able to drive a car! This post, pictures…


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Whew! What a day!

Well, today was tough. I have been off of work for 2 1/2 days due to being sick with stomach and fatigue issues. I did rest all weekend, but going back in to the office was just killer today. I was so far behind and completely overwhelmed. I muddled through my first hour just thinking about where to start. Finally I started by organizing all of my thoughts on to a legal pad. From there, I began going down my list, one by one, marking them off after they were completed. I got half way through the list today. Tomorrow I will complete my list. Sounds simple and mundane doesn't it? Well, it was the only way I could get myself focused on work. Lately I've been drifting. Wishing for blue ocean waters, calm breezes, and margaritas. (Hence the picture above) I missed out on going to the beach this favorite place to be. The extra money just wasn't there-gas prices! What is going to happen to our economy? My Mother says the government shouldn't bail out t…

Face Book

I started a face book. I don't really know why-it just seemed like something to do. I had a couple of friends who had one and this is a really good way to share photos and life's little happenings. You can also connect with old friends from high school or college through face book. It's quite cool.
I took some really cute pictures of Ziggy yesterday to post on my face book. Here is one of her in her sunglasses. Of course she was thrilled about them!


Why is it so hard for me to keep my house clean? I did not use to be this messy-I know I didn't. As a matter of fact, I use to keep a very pristine home. Maybe I'm just too tired now or maybe I'm just too lazy, whatever the problem is, my dirty house is driving me crazy!

Let's look at this thing together. Maybe we can uncover the deep seeded reason why my house looks like a "before" on the TLC show Clean House.

I asked my children why they thought the house looks this way. They both blamed the other one...figures.

Perhaps it's because I need new furniture. Yes, that's it, if I had new furniture then I would want to keep my house cleaner! No that will cost too much money just to get my house clean. What if it's not me or the boys making it so messy...what if it's the dog and cat doing it. Yes, that must be it. They are here all day long and I bet they reek havoc all day and then they act all innocent when I get home they act like they h…

Cat Crazies

We recently got a kitten for my son's 13th birthday. It's name was bob (short for bob-cat) until we found out it was a girl. Well no one could think of any good names. We just kept calling it like you call a cat..."here kitty kitty" it stuck. Her official name is "Kitty". She is quite pretty as you can see by her picture, but she goes bat-sh_ _ crazy about twice a day. First she crouches down and looks up like there is something flying above her head, then she takes off running like she is being chased. I don't mean just running on the floor, oh no, she pulls a Keanu Reeves in Matrix. She can literally run up the wall! She scales the back of the sofa and chairs then the TV cabinet running mad the entire time. It's always the same pattern...down the hall, back up the hall (using walls) then the furniture. This goes on for about 15 minutes. Then she collapses and licks herself as if she is putting out a fire. Usually we see her do thi…

Depression and me

Well up to this point I've only posted news articles, quick tid bits and pictures. I guess it's time to talk about some real life stuff. I've been battling depression for years, probably my entire life, but I wasn't diagnosed until 1996. I knew I could be very high strung at times then completely crash and hide under my covers for days but I didn't have a name for that behavior until I heard the doctor say "clinical depression".

The strange thing about the doctor who diagnosed me was he was not a psychiatrist he was a neurologist. I was having migraines. He prescribed Zoloft which also helped with headaches. I don't recall feeling significantly better or worse. I went from doctor to doctor with different types of aliments who all wanted to change my depression medicine until finally one day I cracked and had a nervous breakdown. Of course there was a lot going on in my life at that time-divorce, young children, money problems, etc....the list…



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Featured Woman of the Month

Hello Friends! I want to start featuring a "Woman of the Month" on my blog and would like your nominations. If there is a woman you admire or you feel has a very note worthy story to tell, please email me her name, a picture (optional) and her story. This can be someone you know or a woman from history. Today it's my dog Ziggy. She is truly a remarkable woman-she has given birth to 21 children and manages to still keep her girlish figure! Keep your tips coming to me whether it's money, cooking, or websites that you would like to share with other women. I'm anxious to hear from you!
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Alabama Vet Assoc. Car Tag Funds Raiser

The Alabama Veterinary Medical Foundation (ALVMF) is urging residents of Alabama to participate in its Spay-Neuter License Plate program unveiled in November of 2007.

The cost of the tag is the standard $50 like other specialized tags, with $41.25 of each sale going to the Foundation to assist low-income families with the cost of spaying and neutering their pets.1,000 tags must be pre-sold by October 30, 2008 in order for the program to be implemented.

Hi Friends-This is an important issue within our communities. The dog and cat population is way out of control and lots of helpless animals are abandoned or abused because their owners can't take care of them. If we can help raise money to fund the programs for spay-neuter availability to lower income families, we will not only help those families-we'll help these little creatures as well. Please visit the website for Alabama Vet Assoc. But hurry it expires this October! -thanks Michelle…