What A Beautiful Bouquet

The reason you see a clump of pine tree needles in this glass is because a very sweet and dear feller brought these to me. I told him I would put them in water right away! They seem to be staying fresh. (I received them on Sunday) Well the whole reason I was honored with this thoughtful bouquet was because there was a proposal in the making-a marriage proposal. He is a younger man (3years old) but that's okay-he's just so cute! As the story goes-so told to me by his daddy-they were getting ready to leave the park (called Jo-Jo park)when my sweet feller said; "Daddy, are you going to marry MiMi"? When his dad asked why, he said;"Because I want to marry her too"! Then he picked this beautiful bouquet to go along with his proposal. How sweet is that? So of course I had to take a picture of it and share it with all of my friends. I'll let you know the wedding date!
Elliot with dog and dog and blanket
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