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Teens lose hearing around age 15

Austin, Austin, AUSTIN!!! Is that you in the kitchen? (asked for the 4th time-from where I'm sitting in the living room which is right next to kitchen) Finally, a very small weak "yes" comes from the kitchen- sounded like a tiny squeaky mouse. Why aren't you answering me? "I didn't hear you"; he said.

So do they hear and ignore on purpose or have the truly tuned out the sound of our voices? His hearing seems to come and go. He can hear me when I say "do you want to order a pizza?" or "do you need some money?" It's other times like when I say" can you clean the kitchen?" or things like pick up your clothes, take out the trash and did you feed the dog that he becomes stone deaf.

I worry. I hope there is a cure for his sudden onsets of deafness.