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Small world

I wish something funny would happen so I would have something to write about. Lately everything has been sad. Summer heat makes everyone irritable too. I hate the heat. Why do I live in the South? I guess because it is where I was born and raised and I never had enough gumption to get up and go some where else. Lazy.

I was thinking today about how small my world really is. It seems to get smaller with age. People are complicated and take a lot of energy to deal with. The more people I meet the less I like people. Now don't get me wrong, there are people I love. Just because I love them doesn't mean I have to like them.

High tech world today-it's supposed to make our world larger-internet-every body "wireless" now, funny, it is making it smaller. So small that we don't even stop to say hi to some one on the street or hand write a letter to a friend who moved far away. So small that we don't leave our back yards or invite neighbors into our yards. We would…