Coffee and Weeds

Oh this morning was beautiful! There was a crispness to the air just before dawn and I could smell that familiar smell of Fall. It is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors-all of the tree leaves changing to shades of orange, yellow and brown-they are so vibrate. I decided to have my early morning coffee outside in this crisp, fresh air (it was so nippy that i had to take a throw comforter). I like to do this from time to time and try to capture a little bit of nature. Of course my two trusty companions, Ms. Ziggy and Ms. Kitty joined me.

I was sitting there relaxing and sipping my coffee when I noticed the flower beds. Oh God, how did they get like that? Didn't I weed, feed and put down pine straw in the spring? Why are there weeds in the beds? They stood there tall and straight eyeballing me and even mocking me! I walked over and yanked one of them out of the ground and then another one, but it was no use there were just too many of them. There's no way I could take them all on. Some of them even had deep roots! How could I sit out here and enjoy my coffee with those things starring at me? I tried to just ignore them hoping they would go away. I moved my chair into another position where I didn't have to look directly at them. But I could see them out of the corner of my eye, waving their little green hands at me. I heard one of them call me a loser. That was it! I wasn't going to take this sitting down. I went into the garage and grabbed a bottle of weed killer. I was going to show them who was boss. I sprayed two sprays and that was all there was in the bottle. Defeated again. I yanked a few more up and finally sat down determined to enjoy my cup of coffee in the early morning light. I ignored their giggles and persecution. I concentrated on the coffee and my animal friends. I knew right then and there this battle was not over, not by a long shot. As I got up to come back inside(I had to pee) I told them they may have won this battle, but the war was not over. One of them shivered a bit (I swear I think it was corn) and the rest stood still. I knew they heard me and I knew they were afraid. As I was walking inside the door, I yelled back at them...I'm going to Home Depot today...and I'll be back!

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