Gadgets, Widgets, and Add-ons-OH MY!

There are so many gadgets I don't know what to do! I have overwhelmed myself with gadgets, widgets, add-on's....I don't know which ones to choose-there are so many! I visit other blogs and see things that I like, so I steal those ideas, then I search Google for more ideas and that's when I get confused and overwhelmed. Then there is technorati-I know I should be doing something with that and what about all of the Google webmaster stuff? What about wordpress-should I being using that instead? Don't forget about getting a domain! I have had some advise on things to do to help increase traffic and earn more money with my blog. I'm trying to follow that but that is where all of the confusion comes in for me. I'm still not sure what tags really do! Or feeds? I got one, but why do I need it? See, I'm really lost when it comes to being technologically savvy. If anyone has suggestions on making my blog better, prettier,money earning or more interesting, please share! I'm pulling my hair out here!
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