My Baby is Sweet 16 Today!

I can't believe it! There is no way this child can be 16 today! He was running around in diapers with a "passy" sticking out of his mouth yesterday and today he lies around in his boxers with an Ipod stuck in his ears. (umm...that doesn't seem much different I guess) Still it's hard to believe that my sweet angel baby is almost a man. He is such a good kid. I am very proud of him. Some of my most favorite memories of him include the day I first layed eyes on him-I fell in love instantly. It was the kind of love I had never felt before. For the first time I understood the meaning of unconditional love. I knew I would love and take care of this precious child for the rest of my life. I knew he would break my will and probably my heart a few times, but that no matter what I would love him until the day I died. I remember all of his firsts; first smile, first laugh, first all seems not so long ago. Now he's able to drive a car! This post, pictures and the slide show are dedicated to him today. I wish I had more of his baby pictures on her, but my scanner is not working so I can't put any old photos on here except for the one I have of him in black and white and with his baby brother. (Baby brother will get his b'day tribute in July)

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