Cat Crazies

We recently got a kitten for my son's 13th birthday. It's name was bob (short for bob-cat) until we found out it was a girl. Well no one could think of any good names. We just kept calling it like you call a cat..."here kitty kitty" it stuck. Her official name is "Kitty". She is quite pretty as you can see by her picture, but she goes bat-sh_ _ crazy about twice a day. First she crouches down and looks up like there is something flying above her head, then she takes off running like she is being chased. I don't mean just running on the floor, oh no, she pulls a Keanu Reeves in Matrix. She can literally run up the wall! She scales the back of the sofa and chairs then the TV cabinet running mad the entire time. It's always the same pattern...down the hall, back up the hall (using walls) then the furniture. This goes on for about 15 minutes. Then she collapses and licks herself as if she is putting out a fire. Usually we see her do this after breakfast and before suppertime. What's up with her? She doesn't have catnip-unless she has a secret stash somewhere. She has also mastered the bunk bed, kitchen cabinets and the fireplace mantle. Nothing is sacred in my house any longer. Can someone tell me if they make kitty sedatives? Now don't think that I hate this cat-I absolutely love her. You can't stay mad at her because she is to cute and so loving. She also doesn't gave a meow. She squeaks instead. She sounds like on of those squeaky toys for dog. It's a wonder that my dog hasn't snatched her up and buried her in the back yard. The cat, by the way, loves the dog. The dog completely ignores the cat. You can see Ziggy (dog) walking through the house with the cat hanging on to her back leg or draped around Ziggy's neck like a fur collar. It's quite funny! I need to get a video of it and post it here so everyone can get a good laugh. Well-I'll go for now-it's about time for the cat crazies to begin!
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