Whew! What a day!

Well, today was tough. I have been off of work for 2 1/2 days due to being sick with stomach and fatigue issues. I did rest all weekend, but going back in to the office was just killer today. I was so far behind and completely overwhelmed. I muddled through my first hour just thinking about where to start. Finally I started by organizing all of my thoughts on to a legal pad. From there, I began going down my list, one by one, marking them off after they were completed. I got half way through the list today. Tomorrow I will complete my list. Sounds simple and mundane doesn't it? Well, it was the only way I could get myself focused on work. Lately I've been drifting. Wishing for blue ocean waters, calm breezes, and margaritas. (Hence the picture above) I missed out on going to the beach this year...my favorite place to be. The extra money just wasn't there-gas prices! What is going to happen to our economy? My Mother says the government shouldn't bail out the financial institutions, she says let it crash and rebuild like we did after the 1929 crash. I don't know-sounds a bit drastic, but I do know that the government doesn't rush to my aid when my month runs longer than my money!

I did make that decision to start being healthier...just like my friend...chasing the moon. I started a life diet today. Balance is the key. I'm 30 pounds over weight, tired all of the time, and feel like I full of poison! I started detoxing today when I got up. Instead of coffee I had green tea. (It's going to be an acquired taste for me!) then I walked for 20 minutes and came inside to use my weights for an arm work out (yes, bingo wings!). I showered, ate oatmeal with flax seeds and got ready for work. I went shopping Saturday so I had a new outfit to wear. That made me feel good. We won't even talk about my hair though-chopped off and full of gray wirery stray hairs. It's strange, my gray hairs are coarse and kinky, not like the rest of my hair, so that makes them stand out even more. I hate them! They look like miniature Medusa snakes! I'm afraid of color though. I guess I should suck it up and go for some color, right? I hate this getting old thing. I never knew I was so vain!

Well, back to the healthier me. I have cut out chocolate (my favorite) and white starchy foods. I did, however, keep my red wine. I did add 32 oz of water. My goal is 64 oz...we'll see. What I hate about water is the amount of bathroom trips. I had a salad for lunch today and one slice of left over pizza. (Okay, I know that wasn't the best thing in the world, but there's worse!) I feel pretty good. I think I will sleep well. I plan to get up and start the day the same way tomorrow. I am also reading Andrew Weils, 8 weeks to optimal health. This is somewhat encouraging. I need some more self-help books (who am I kidding... need lots more self help books!)

Wish me luck for tomorrow and the rest of the week. I really do want to stay on the path to a healthier and happier me!

I wish everyone a great week -go do something that makes you happy! : )

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