Desk flying through air

So I'm sitting at my desk and a forklift pulls up to my door with a giant desk on it. I thought, oh boy I'm getting a new desk.

Now you have to imagine this picture. My office is up in the rafters, like a catwalk kind of thing. There's a 3.5 ft wall that you can look over and see the entire cube farm below. So, imagine my surprise when a desk comes rising above the wall right outside my office. Pretty amazing.

Of course the desk was not for me. It was for my boss who moved to a new office that has a window where she can now see all other offices down the catwalk to make sure we are working and not socializing. (I don't really think that is why she moved, of course, who knows)

I would like a new desk. I am using a metal army issued desk left over from WWII. It has bullet holes in it and smells old. I have a matching bookshelves. I wish I had a picture to show you. Obviously I do not bring my camera to work. I do have a shot of the catwalk from down below to give you an idea of what a desk would look like coming over the top.
It was a co workers birthday-thus the sign.

Boring story, I know, but true.

I do want to let everyone know who has been following my change to healthy lifestyle and weight loss that I have now lost 9lbs! Yes, 9lbs! Isn't that awesome? I now have to kick it up a notch and start walking the treadmill. This will be the most difficult part of weight loss and fitness for me. I hate to exercise, I hate to sweat. So send me good wishes and vibes as I move forward in this ridiculously hard routine. (for me at least)

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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