The Greatest Interview of All Times

JillJillboBill has interviewed me! How exciting is this? I feel famous and important. This is a really neat thing to do and if you want me to interview you, just leave and comment telling me so and I'll email you a set of questions for you to post on your blog. Some of these are pretty hard. Jill is a great interviewer, tough, but great nonetheless.

1. If money was no object, describe how you would make your life more perfect and why.

First of all, I know that the love of money is the root of all evil. However, love of what money buys you is not considered evil. With that said, I would buy the perfect house loaded with all of the amenities every woman dreams of....plenty of closet space, huge kitchen, even bigger bath with sunken tub-floor warmers-vanity-the works! I would also have a perfect yard to match.

Secondly, I would be debt free! And most importantly my kids would want for nothing. I would spoil them rotten to the core!

2. Where do you see your self realistically in 10 years and what would you be willing to change to get to your "desired place in life"?

In 10 years I will be 52, so I will probably still be working unless #1 comes true. I picture be at the same place of employment with a very good success rate. Being successful would also enable me to travel. I want to see the world! My boys will be grown so that would free my time for travel. The one thing I would change to achieve this would be working even harder to reach that goal.

3. If you could start all over from Junior High on what occupation would you have chosen and why?

Let's see, Jr High....I took dance but gave it up in Jr. High for a long wonderful career in cheer leading. So I would have chosen a career in dance or acting...anything in entertainment. I've always dreamed of a glamorous lifestyle!

4. What one characteristic or quality would you want your kids to have that would make you feel like you had succeeded as a mom and why?

To treat others will kindness and respect. I want them to understand the importance of human feelings and life and how a little kindness can go a long way in making someone elses day.

5. Tell us how you parent/parented your children that was similar or totally different than how you were parented? In other words, what did you learn to do or not to do as a parent that your parents did?

Wow, Jill, this is a tough one. I'm glad my parents don't read my blog.

I feel I parent very differently than I was parented. That's not to say mine did a poor job, but there a lot of things that could have been handled differently looking back at my childhood.
I treat my children as very different and unique individuals. I don't scorn if likes or interest seem out of the "norm". I do not compare them to one another and ask questions like "why can't you be more like your brother?" I show respect for their feelings no matter how outrageous I may feel they are being. I feel like my parents did not provide the direction and encouragement that I needed at times in my life. My goal is to always keep that line of communication open with my boys in hopes of helping them reach their goals and dreams.

Thanks Jill for the interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I must go now and give out autographs to my many fans waiting on me outside of the studio.


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