Random, Really Random Thoughts by MiMi

I woke up this morning with a sinus headache that won't go away. It's probably due to the fact that the pets were in my bed all day yesterday because I forgot and left my bedroom door open while I was gone. I feel like I slept in a hair bowl all night.

I'm becoming addicted to facebook. It's so cool to hook up with friends you haven't seen in like, forever. Some people look exactly the same and others...well...not so much the same.

Random Inner Thoughts:

My house needs a good cleaning and I would rather burn it down than clean it today.

What can I eat for breakfast? I am so sick of oatmeal and apples. I caught myself counting with my foot against the floor this morning and showing my big buck teeth to the pets. I think I scared them off of my bed though.

It's time to get a new tinted gloss on my hair. The gray is showing again plus roots. I wasn't suppose to have a root line, the girl lied to me just to get me to try something different. Now I have tri-color hair; red, black and gray. I hate my hair. Why can't it just be naturally beautiful dark and shiny instead of looking like newspaper ink?

God, my head is killing me. I guess I should get up and take something. I would rather sit here and complain.

I wonder how thick that dust is on my TV screen. I bet I can write my name.

My coffee cup is empty. I wish somebody was here that would wait on me.

Thanks for tuning in to today's episode of Random Thoughts by MiMi.

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