Back to School

Today school started back. Whoo hoo! I'm so excited and so are my boys! (yeah right) It was tough hearing (slinging) that 5:30am alarm clock go off but I managed to drag myself out of bed and into the kitchen to start the coffee.

I don't know about every one else's weather, but I swear it has been rainy 40 days and 40 nights here in Alabama. I suffer from depression, so it's about to zap me out. It's a daily struggle to get up, stay up and make it to work. I've been battling depression for about 10 years and have been on and off of every SSRI out there. It's been a really big pain.

I have decided to start off 2009 with doctor appointments. Isn't that grand? It seems 2008 took it's toll on me and my health has really suffered this year. I've tried to stay away from doctors hoping that my symptoms would just go away on their own but I'm biting the bullet and getting completely checked out from head to toe. I have appointments with a shrink, a Gastro dr, and a dermatologist. Yes, I have a weird variety of issues.

I know this post has been somewhat unfunny, okay very unfunny, and depressing but it's only because that's how I'm feeling today and I just wanted to be real. I'm sorry if this post was less than entertaining. I promise to be back to my cheerful silly self by tomorrow!

Just so this post is not so completely are some sweet faces of my most favorite people that always make me smile when I see them....


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