I ran out of toilet paper

Have you ever let yourself run slap out of toilet paper? I'm sitting on the toilet last night and yell for toilet paper. I hear a yell back-there is none! "Not even in the other bathroom?", I yell. I hear back; "nope". OMG! What can I do? There was no Kleenex either!
I look over in the trash can beside me to see if there was maybe some half-way clean paper that I blew my nose on and it could be recycled for a wipe. (I know, disgusting-but so is this whole story) There wasn't any that could be salvaged.

I think; "cotton balls?"

No those wouldn't get the job done. "What about the empty cardboard roll?" Naaah...
Finally I decided on the hand towel. Luckily this was only number 1 and not number 2.
Mental note: Add TP to the grocery store list.


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