Random Thoughts...

Today is Sunday that means tomorrow is Monday. Oh No! Not already! I need one more day to rest. I believe I'm suffering from a sugar-hangover.
I actually have a clean house (still). I straightened this morning and I'm washing sheets.(Yes, I see the folded towels behind my head, don't worry I'm about to put them away.)

I put the dog outside and vacuumed all of her hair off of the couch and floor. I can actually breathe now.
I love her, but she's killing me.
Hair....Hair....and....More Hair!@#*!

The cat got a collar. It had a bell on it but it was driving her and me crazy so I broke the bell off. Now she's quiet and sneaky again. I cleaned her hair off the back of my couch and the ottoman. I can't put her outside because she will run away and come back pregnant.

I want to take a nap but my son has to be at wrestling practice at 2pm and it's 15 minutes away. It's 12:15 right now, I might could squeeze in a short nap if I will get off of this computer and stop blogging.
Yeah-take down! Got to get that scholarship!

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