Today is the first day of the rest of your life...

I'm not sure why I'm writing today. I actually have nothing to say. However I feel I must push myself to write and express feelings through my little fingers on this keyboard. I guess I can just tell you about my day.
6am: woke up. (always a good thing)
8am: checked emails (pretend to be working)
11am: ate a bacon sandwich (low-cal, right?)
2pm: went to grocery store!
3pm: had a phone meeting with prospective client (thumbs up!)
3:30pm: had a disappointing call with a current client who's order got all messed up. (not so nice)
4:00pm: Poured my first glass of wine for the evening.
4:27pm: Began to write about it in my blog post.

Wow...could this day have been any brighter?? LOL!

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