Hello-did I miss anything?

Well, I guess everyone thought I fell off the face of the earth. It feels like it sometimes. I've had a lot of personal issues to combat lately and I guess I just disconnected from everything and everyone. I want to reach out again to the land of blogville and catch up on what's been happening. I'm not sure how great these next few posts will be, I think I 've lost my touch (as if I ever had one!). I saw this poster today and wanted to share with you all. I think it sums up what I've been feeling like lately.

I hope no one else has had it this hard lately. I realize it's time to toughin up my "shell" and take life by the "yolk". I know life can be sunny-side up again if I just get to crackin! (beware the above paragraph may be filled with very unfunny attempts at puns relating to the above picture. should you feel you have been exposed to the unfunny puns, hang up immediately and call a friend who really does have a good sense of humor or simply log on to their blog for real humor.)


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