Roman Soldiers and Triscuits!

I got up this morning with a terrible headache. I don't know if it's just sinus or I drank too much wine last night. I went over my normal 2 glasses without eating any supper. Well I ate some triscuits, does that count? By the way, they were delicious. I tried a new flavor. It's called Fire Roasted Tomato with Olive Oil. YUM! If you haven't tried it and like triscuits (good source of fiber for me!) go get some. Here is what the box looks like.

Besides eating triscuits and drinking wine last night, I helped my son finish a school project. He had to make a Roman Soldier out of a 20 oz coke bottle. We just gathered things from around the house to decorate it. My son is very creative and came up with unusual things to use. The top of the soldier's helmet is a toothbrush head. How cool is that? His shield looks really cool too. What I really like is what he used for the armor. It's duck tape in strips layered to look like armour. I think he did good. Here are some pictures of the little Roman dude.
Okay, I know what you dirty minded people are thinking this looks like out there! It's a school project for God's sake-get your mind out of the gutter!
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