Do Baby Birds drive Cars?

I watched the little white car go up the street carrying my most precious cargo. It felt strange seeing those two little heads through the windows nodding and moving past my house. Those little heads used to be so small and round and covered with baby chick fuzz. It's hard to believe that I once held those precious tiny heads in my arms. Eyes that use to look up at me with wonder and surprise were now focused straight ahead on a road that lie before them.

How do they do it? How do they grow up so fast right before your eyes?

My oldest got a car, he is 16 years old now. This morning he took his brother to school who is 13 years old. I watched them drive off, a little nervous, but I knew they would be fine. It just looked so strange to see them in the front seats of a car with one of them actually driving the car! I wonder if this is how a mama bird feels when her babies fly out of the nest? Silly, I know but I really did feel a weird feeling in my heart, somewhat sad, but somewhat proud.

I wonder what they talked about on their way there? Did they tell each other bye when my youngest got out at his school? Or even more impressive, did they tell each other to have a good day? Nah...........................................

I just hope that neither was trying to punch the other while the car was moving.

One is my heart the other my soul

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