I've Been Eating Hair

I spent all day yesterday trying to "de-hair" my house. I have one dog and one cat but you would think I had 12 of each by the amount of hair they leave around. What is up with that??? I swear it's much worse with Ziggy (my dog) this year than it has ever been before. Ms. Kitty is new so I don't know about her except that when we first got her in July she did not shed or cause me to get so stuffed up. You could not open your mouth around here without hair flying in it! I have no idea how many hairs I have eaten over the past month. Disgusting, I know.

First, I put both of them outside. They were thoroughly insulted by this. Then I began the De-hairing process.....

1.Washed all covers they had laid on.
2.Spread armor hammer "pet" deodorizer/hair pick up all over carpets and furniture (how does that stuff work anyway...how can sprinkling it around make your vacuum pick up more hair?)
3.Changed filter in the return and vacuumed the vents
4.Washed curtains and cleaned out window sills.
5.Dusted all of the furniture-twice!

I could finally breathe again...it felt so good....

for about 5 minutes.....

then I let them back in because it was so cold outside and I felt sorry for them. I'm so weak.

So you can see why my furniture is covered in hair. Aren't they so cute cuddled up together?

Ziggy is very serious about her chew toys

This was taken shortly after we got here-before she started shedding and stuffing my nose up

I hated that this one came out blurry. I took it just before the "de-hairing" began. Her tail does not match her body. It looks like it came off of a raccoon twice her size!

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