Family Blending

Here is a picture from Thanksgiving that includes all of my children and grand kids. Yes, I know you are shocked and amazed. How can someone with such youthful looks possibly be a grandmother? (kidding)

Remember I told you in my post titled Step Monsters that I had 3 step children who are now grown and have kids of their own. Their dad and I had two more together but we are now divorced and both engaged to someone else. People find it amazing that we can all get together without any eye gouging or cuss fights. We have always made it about the children, not about our problems surrounding our marriage and divorce.

I had promised a follow up story to the Step Monster post. This is just a short one. I do plan to sit down and write a longer one offering my advice on "step-parenting". Not that I am expert, I have just lived it and can share with you my good and bad experiences.

That will be coming soon!

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