Cheese, Wrestling and Updates

I wanted to give up dates for everyone on a few recent posts. (Actually I'm just too tired to think of anything creative and fun to read)

Here we go:

Not Speaking to Mama: Some readers have asked if my son is talking again and how long it took. He did manage to breakdown the very next day and asked me; "What are you cooking for supper?" He has been his normal teenager-mumbling-under -the breath-self ever since.

No Show on the Snow
: People have asked why we shut the school down if there was no snow. I guess you have to live in the South to understand this one. Since we rarely get snow, when it does happen, we are not equipped to handle it. There are no snow plows, sand trucks, salt trucks, chains on tires...things like that, so everything shuts down. What happened in this particular case was jumping the gun a bit. There was a threat of it (about a 100 miles away), so the schools thought they would close before it happened. I think it was just wishful thinking on their part. Everybody loves a snow day!

Mom-E-Centric: 12 days of Christmas
contest has ended, however she is having a December Blow Out contest. She has lots of wonderful gifts to give away. All you have to do is answer her trivia questions to enter. The official rules and prizes are here. Hurry, only lasts a couple more days!

I believe I mentioned that I have a wrestler in high school. We had an invitational tournament this weekend and he placed 2nd in the overall tourney in his weight class! That's why I'm so tired because I worked all weekend. Friday night I kept a score table from 6-9pm and Sat. I worked the concession table from 6:45am-12n. I made over 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm okay if I don't have to look at another piece of cheese for the next two months!

He's having a great season and will hopefully place at state this year. Below is a picture of his medal posted by his proud mommy who embarrasses him at every match by screaming my lungs out. Is yelling things like; "kill him" or "wipe the mat with that kids face" a bit over the top for these high school matches? I don't know....what do you think ?
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