Standing the Test of Time

When I reached up in my cabinet this morning for a coffee cup, I grabbed this one and a thought hit me. I have had this cup since I was 18 years old. It was a gift to me from my cheer leading partner, Kelley Watts (I wonder where she is now?) I was amazed that I had hung on to something this many years and it has always been in my cabinet throughout the years. I did some quick math and this is what I discovered:
  • This cup is 24 years old. (Yes, I'm about to be 42 years)
  • It has moved with me 12 times. (I was a nomad)
  • Number of uses is too many to count
I love this cup. It has endured several packing and upackings, car floorboards, and the rain. I think I had a plant in it once. It has stuck with me. I always smile when I reach for it. Isn't that strange. It feel like a tiny piece of my teenage years have followed me around all of these years. I guess we can carry around a piece of our youth, huh? : ) Thanks Kelley-wherever you are!

I don't know if you can see the tiny cracks in it, but it still works fine!
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