Sad Turkey

I'm just not in the holiday mood. What is wrong with me? I usually get very excited (stressed out) when it's time to cook and entertain. I haven't even made out my grocery list and it's 10:45am on Wednesday! Don't even talk about cleaning the house.

What I really want to do is curl up in the bed for the next few days without any responsibilities. No kids, no housework, no pets, no phone, no visitors.... get the idea...

I guess I'm depressed. The winter time is much harder for me when battling my depression and anxiety. I want to hide from the world and from myself. I thought by going to the salon yesterday and getting my nails done and my gray hair colored, I would feel better. But all that did was make me feel bad for spending money on myself here at Christmas time. I'm just a sad sack!'s a picture of my hair and my nails. I should at least show them off.

I think the color is a little too red for me.
Nails came out great!

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