Clean Up or Clean Out!

Today is going to be a "Get Organized" day. I am going to attack my bedroom closet, wardrobe, and chest drawers. I am throwing out anything I do not wear or use! I am so tired of opening my closet in the mornings and not being able to step inside of it for fear of something falling on my head. I have a pile of laundry that touches the ceiling in one closet and so much stuff in the other that I'm afraid I may find the cat that we "thought" ran away last year. Let's hope not.

Okay....I'm off to the bedroom....wish me luck! I plan to post pictures tomorrow of the before and afters. Also, I made a set of curtains and made a fabric covered headboard that I will show you tomorrow. Here's a sneak preview of the fabric.....
By the way, I got bangs! What do you think?'s Jeff sporting his new beard. No, he's not in pain, he just looks like he is......
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