Something to "wine" about

Thank God it's Friday! This has been the week from hell. The boys have had 3 dental appointments all on separate days right in the middle of my deadline week at work. (I'm not very good with planning) I'm so exhausted. I can't wait to come home from work today, kick off my shoes and sit down on the couch with a huge glass of wine and just say "ahhh"

Speaking of wine. How many of you are wine connoisseurs? I really like wine. I use to be a strictly white Zinfandel drinker, but I finally expanded into chardonnays, pinot grigio and now Merlot. I've tried lots of brands (mainly grocery store brands) but I found a couple I really like. My favorite Merlot is Robert Mondavi private selection, California. I like Cavit's pinot grigio and I found a very inexpensive Chardonnay called Bohemian Highway. ($7.99) It's light, not very dry and goes with anything or just good for sitting and sipping. If I could afford the higher brands, I would try them. I use to go to wine tastings when we had them here locally, but now I have to go down town if I want to do that and I've become quite the homebody. Maybe with the nice cooler weather I'll head down there and enjoy myself.


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