A Nicer Post

Okay, I'm feeling better now. I did have to take a couple of days off of work which did help me. My body finally returned to normal by mid day today. I have got to do better. I don't even know who that maniac was who posted on my blog yesterday! I'm sorry to be so negative. To be nicer I decided to post some pictures of people and things I like. I am enjoying a nice and relaxing evening in my semi-clean home with my baby (13 years old), my doggie and my kitty. My oldest is gone to TN for a wrestling tourney. I hope everyone is doing well. Smile and be happy (that's what I'm telling myself anyway) Peace and Love!

My son catching a fish. He's an excellent fisherman...patience of Job

Tea Cups at Disney World

The beach...any beach...anywhere...anytime. Especially with my Honey
Surin West-Thai Food...Yummy
Roosters-yes I said roosters-they are all over my kitchen
Silly Hats and margaritas
Precious Grand babies
My son holding precious grand babies (Uncle Lo Lo and Aunt Mille
Dress Up days!
Dog and Kitty snuggled up (Even though my doggie hates it)
Excited Little Birthday Boys!
Enjoying my glass of wine, sitting outdoors on my patio, with good friends and loved ones.

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