Beano and Boring

Oh My Goodness! It’s been 4 days since my last post! I know my anxious millions(few) readers have been starving for some more of my charm, unmatched wit, and knee slapping humor. (you know I’m joking, right?)

Well, first things first. My stomach is better and so is my temper (if you remember We Missed the Big Yellow Bus post) I have been doing good with my Sugarbusters! (The reason I spell it that way is because that is how it looks in the book-it’s a little annoying because every time you see that word it looks just like this! And you think you’re suppose to get excited or pay special attention because it’s in italic with an exclamation point-go figure) I have cheated some but nothing like I usually do with diets (life-style changes).

Here’s the deal with Sugarbusters (sorry I’m not going there this time). You eliminate sugar from your diet. Plain and simple. But it’s not. Because there are foods that we eat that basically turn into sugar in our bodies. Things like bread, white potatoes, pasta, rice…pretty much anything white. That is my main rule I go by. If it’s white, I can’t eat it. I have learned to eat more greens and dried beans (had to buy some beano!) The older I get the gassier I become. Luckily, the older you get the less you care!

So there's my post. Boring, I know, but nonetheless posted. I promise to have some fresher more entertaining information for you next time!

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