Balls O' Fun

Last Saturday Jeff and I took all of the kids bowling. There were 4 kids in all (yes we were brave)3years, 5 years, and my 13 year old with one of his friends. It was a hoot! I haven't bowled in quite some time so my form was a little off (ok a lot off) I was at the bottom of the scoreboard the entire time. Heck even the 3 year old was beating me!

Of course there were a lot of contributing factors throwing me off of my game. First being, I could not find the right bowling ball. I like a ball weighing about 8 or 9lbs. Sounds easy enough, right? Noooo. Because all of the ones at that weight have finger holes cut for the size of spaghetti noodles (uncooked!). Now I'm not saying that I have fat fingers. They may be a little "chubby" but certainly not fat. I finally have to settle on an 11lb ball with holes cut for "chubby" fingers.

Then...on top of the ball issue...

It was hotter than Hades in there! I thought I would be cute and wear an adorable pair of jean capris with a black three quarter length sleeved sweater. BAD IDEA!! It would have been okay if they had not decided to grow ferns in there that day! By the second set my cute new haircut was ringing wet with sweat. I looked and smelled like a wet dog. I even heard someone ask; "Who let in a wet dog?" Now the 11 lb ball with holes cut for "chubby" fingers was beginning to slip off of mine. (Coupled with Cosmic Bowling-what the crap is that you lights, disco balls and smoke-no one could possibly do well under those conditions!)

Lastly, but not least. The children (who up to this point had all been perfect little angles) began to fight over the french fries. There was an outbreak of screaming and yelling "MINE, MINE" with elbowing, slapping, crying and eventually ended with a pitcher of coke spilled all over the table, ruining fries for all. Then there was more crying over the spilled drink. The two 13 year olds, apparently appalled by this behavior, decided to distance themselves from us. I heard them telling people they didn't know who that family was, they said they were just sharing a lane with us. "They were no relation whatsoever to those people."

It went downhill from there...finger smashing, ball dropping, angry Daddy, sweaty MiMi and two missing 13 year olds. We decided it was time to go home even though our 2 hours of "free" bowling was not over yet. The fern growing, burning disco inferno with purple fog Bowling Alley had become a bit overwhelming for all involved.

However, it wasn't a complete loss we have these lovely pictures to prove the good time we were having along with a nice shot of my ass.

Daddy and Little E bowling his first strike!
Big Sister right behind him
Little E proud of his bowling shoes!
This was the very beginnings of the french fries fight
Here's the aftermath, Big Sis was already over it. Notice the teenagers have disappeared
And last but certainly not the "least".....My Fat ASS! Thank you, thank you very much!

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