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It's C-c-coooold! I love it! This is my favorite time of the year. I took some pictures this morning and thought I'd share them today. I mentioned how I liked to go to the thrift store, so I am sharing some items that I bought last weekend from there. Have a wonderful day!

My front yard with frost on the ground.

I bought this welcome mat on clearance at Target last weekend...only 4 bucks. As you can see I was standing out side in my night gown barefooted. My toes almost froze off!

I made this wreath a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I can be a little bit crafty when the mood hits me. I love the tiny bird nest with the bird and little eggs in it. Can you see it?

Here's my front porch. All ready for trick-or-treaters!

This guy is scary! He has a motion detector. When you walk in front of him he screams like a banshee and his eyes light up red. It's really quite annoying....

Here is a close up of the mums on my front stoop. I love the color.

Here is a thrift store item. It was a whole 59 cents! I bought it for my mom because she really is a huge cat lover, but I'm kinda really liking it on my couch.

I don't smoke, but this little hand made ashtray caught my eye. I just loved the colors. I thought oh well, only 39 cents
It's really tiny-see my hand holding it up.
I loved this old bottle! The color is so vibrate. It's on my mantle.

Yes. This is a silver spray painted gourde. The paint has worn off. I thought it was unusual and kind'a cool. So it's sitting on my mantle too.

See ya later!
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