I wish I was here....

Yesterday I spent all day cleaning out my garage. This was an enormous task in itself, but add the fact that it was full of dog hair made it even worse! However, I got it finished (causing a pulled back muscle) and it's clean enough to eat off of the floor! (Well, almost) It is organized and I can get my car in there. But, the real kicker is I fixed my electric garage door opener! All by myself! I re-wired it. The sensor wires were crossed. I am a regular DIY 'er these days.

My room also received a thorough cleaning and re-arrangement of furniture. I saw a picture in the Traditional Home magazine (Sept issue) of a bedroom that I just loved. My walls are already painted the same color. I arranged the furniture to match the picture. Now I just have to get some pretty fabric. When I get it finished I'll post a picture.

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