Okay-it's been two days since I began this blogging thing. It is taking me a while to get the page lay-out the way I want it to look. It's still not there, but I think I have a really cool background picture in the header! I'm still playing with colors and font. I want it to be pleasing to the eye and easy to read. I hate a lot of colors and boxes all of over the place. I like all of the gadgets you can add also, but again I don't want the page to get too crowded and hard to read. I'm still not sure where I want this blog to go. I do want it to reach out to other woman like me and different from me so that we can all learn from each other. This world is a tough place to live in and I think we need all of the support we can find. I'm looking into starting some kind of business on the side...I'm not sure what that will be as I don't possess a lot of talents. I thought that creating and blogging would take me down a path of discovery.
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